Tracy Delport
Lil Miss Adventure

Age: 39

Location: Durban

Fav wave: Absolutely  Love my early morning sunrise sessions at Bike and Bean, warm water & shallow banks that really crack a punch. Perfect running rights are what set my soul on fire, just what is needed to get my stoke levels up!

Best move: Has to be the El Rollo! I Have worked really hard on my Rolls over the past year! Hitting that section at exactly the right time & landing one of those babies puts a smile on my face every time.

Abit about Tracy: Work hard to play hard! I am a Director & Business Owner in the Outdoor Advertising Industry. I Love early mornings & spending time with friends and family. Always have something funky playing as the soundtrack to my day!

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Age: 18

Location: LSD – Local Strand dawg. 

Stoke: Waves4daze!! Windless and uninterrupted street skating on open roads. Cruising and connecting with good mates and new people, laughing at silly jokes.

Hobbies: Surfing (and then some), skating, drawing, watching tons of good anime, learning to cook, singing in the shower, cleaning my room and washing dishes (not!).

Fav wave: Beautiful Boland Betty’s Bay in winter and summery sessions at Sandy Bay when the swell is up and the south easter is out.

A bit about Elrico: I’ve been blessed to grow up as part of a big family with an awesome single mum who takes care of us all (yay Bubbles!). I’m currently studying at college and spend all my spare time surfing and skating. The latest addition of bodyboarding to my skills set has meant I am spoilt for choice when it comes to wave riding tools. Super stoked on life!

Sponsors: LapaSide, FlipIt & Team BubbleSooz (whahahahaha)

Elrico mayer

THE Secret Adventurer

Age: 34

Location: Bo Kaap / Cape Town

Stoke: Exploring, finding new spots & getting lost in the mountains.

Hobbies: Any type of adventure & outdoor activity. Hiking, rock climbing, bodyboarding & hacky sacky. Camping, a good braai & socialising with friends.

A bit about Henk: I started exploring off the beaten routes on Table Mountain in 2017. This opened up a whole new world discovering cave systems, old hiking routes & secret spots around the Western Cape. Travellers started asking me to take them to these spots. I became a tour guide & registered my own business – The Secret Adventurer. Specialising in curated adventure experiences. Exploring outdoors is my nature and I will never get enough of it.

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Age: 39

Location: Durban

Stoke: Wave riding with my friends. Helping others in the water & seeing them grow.

Hobbies: At present bodyboarding & helping the sport in any way I can & spending time with my two awesome children.

Fav wave: Cave Rock, Durban – The power and beauty that unleashes on the reef is mesmerising & often breath-taking.

A bit about Brendan: My passion for bodyboarding began in East London in 1996. Over the last couple years my love for the sport has grown so much; more than I thought possible. My goals this year are to continue to help the sport in any way I can. I would also like to compete on the SABA tour & hopefully attend SA Champs. “Be humble & learn something new every day.”

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Brendan Greenaway
Big Wave Charger

Bruce Donkin
Big Wave Mad Man

Age: 36

Location: Durban

Stoke: Pure passion and love for the ocean. I love testing & pushing myself in big surf.

Fav wave: I have loads of favourite surf spots, but top of my list has to be Local Cave Rock.

A bit about Bruce: My journey in bodyboarding all started back in 1997 when I given my first bodyboard as a grom. Growing up in Durban, we are so blessed with world class waves ( PLUS WARM WATER hahaha) My passion for charging the swells that hits our coast has kept me frothing after all these years!! In short; my motto in life and in the surf is “If you don’t go, you won’t know!!” Yewww Good-times!!

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